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President Message

We have established in 1898, the era of the Meiji period in Kasukabe City of Saitama Prefecture.
Started to handcrafting natural wood box with paulownia, called "KIRI" in Japan.
"KIRI" craft has a long history, firstly for use in imperial furniture. And after the Edo period, famous for daily use as functional material to control humidity, lightweight, soft easy to craft.We have a responsibility to keep and inherit excellent technology of traditional Japanese industry, wood handcraft. And moreover, to make the technology passing over to next-generation continuously.

Now, we supply various comfortable products, such as home furniture, useful home goods with "KIRI". Through us, excellent crafting staffs with mutual aid have to contribute to the social activity.

Our web market, "Yasashii Seikatsu-kobo" shows our suggestion for a newly good living, environmental crafting, collaboration with regional traditional industry, resource protection in association with regional Forestry Cooperative.

We continue developing the spirit of traditional craftspersonship with our philosophy depending upon history, suggesting comfortable goods with "KIRI" more and more.

Masanobu Atsukawa

Company Information

Name Atsukawa Industry Co., Ltd.
Head Office 10-1 Asahi, Yoshikawa-shi, Saitama-ken 342-0008 Japan
Contacts TEL:048-993-2002 FAX:048-991-0050
Founded April 1898
Establishment April 1, 1961
Capital ¥26,000,000.
Executives President  Masanobu Atsukawa
Board members  Etsuko Atsukawa
Board members Yuka Mimura
Auditors  Hideo Koyama
Number of Employee 26
Industry Wood product manufacturing and sales business
Business item 1. Wood product manufacturing
2. Construction material processing and sales
3. Manufacture and sale of furniture etc.
4. Real estate leasing
Major Banks Musashino Bank
Saitama Resona Bank
Client Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd.
Poras Co., Ltd.
Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd.
Okamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Japan Environment Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Wood Construction Materials Co., Ltd.
Japan Novopan Industrial CO.,LTD.
Rest CO.,LTD.
The Maruetsu, Inc.

Corporate History

1898 April Established, as a maker of the wooden box especially for stacking "Japanese Hina Dolls" Japanese traditional memorial figure set memorial for girls.
1999 Mass production of Paulownia box for toothpaste, ordered by Lion Brand, Japan.
1961 Established as "Atsukawa Mokkosyo Ltd." wooden Craft Factory.
1963 New Head Factory founded the mass production of wooden boxes in operated.
1969 Wood materials for building home and office cooperated with SEKISUI House.
1973 Jointed with Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd.
(formerly NATIONAL Housing Kenzai Co., Ltd.)
1974 Wood material warehouse for wood materials started.
1979 Started trading with Kataoka & Co., Ltd., mass-producing special boxes of "TWINING TEA LEAVES" black tea.
Cutting factory for home wood materials started.


Trade started with SEKISUI Chemical Industry Co, Ltd.
May 1960 Started as "ASTUKAWA Industry Co., Ltd." as capital increased.
February 1993 Prized as "Good industrial design incentive Award" from Saitama Prefecture.
October 1994 Prized as "Japan Good Design Award" from Ministry of Transportation and Industry.
May 1998 Head office and New Main Factory established in Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture.
March 2003 Started manufacturing and assembling system kitchen for Japanese Home housing makers.
March 2006 Given Authentication "ECO ACTION 21st".
May 2008 Web market shop started, "Yasashii Seikatsu Kobo".
January 2011 Acquire approval of Saitama prefecture management reform plan, new business of Paulownia wood products.
September 2011 Trade started with POLUS group.
February 2012 Cooperated with "Yusho Wide area forestry association" in Akita prefecture.
February 2016 Hosted by company"Life with Paulownia"exhibition.
February 2017 Singapore designers and Japanese traditional craft makers took part in a team the KYO project.
September 2021 The KIRINOKA won a Good Design Award.
oped in a joint effort by Tyuou Jyutaku Co., Ltd. and us.


Atsukawa Industry Co., Ltd.

10-1 Asahi,Yoshikawa-shi, Saitama-ken 342-0008 Japan

◆Arriving by car
・20 minutes from Nagareyama interchange of Joban Expressway

◆Arrived by train and bus
・Talo's bus from JR Musashino line Yoshikawa station 20 minutes
Talo's Buss: East Saitama Technopolis North / Asahi Park ballpark south bound, get off at Asahi district center(Here is the timetable
・Tobu Urban Park Line 8 minutes by taxi from Noda-shi station